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Why Are Younger Men Attracted To Older Women

Why Are Younger Men Attracted To Older Women

Dating happens at any age, but what are your thoughts about mature dating?

Why are younger men…attracted to older women?

When Adam and Eve bit the divine apple, little did they think about age or society’s standards. The only thing that mattered to them was love and sex … and that is how the world evolved… or so I have heard it said!  Attraction and physical chemistry can occur within any age group. Older men are attracted to younger women as equally as older women are attracted to younger men.  We see many examples of both occurring, supporting that age has nothing to do with love and sex…we see it everywhere! 

Seeing the frequency with which younger men are drawn toward older women, I became intrigued and set about finding the big why!  One of the men who’s dating an older woman was willing to share with me the reasons he’s dating her. I could tell from the way he spoke that it is not a mere passing relationship; he has fallen for her completely.

She Grooms Herself Well

She is dating, possibly well over the age of forty, but she’s careful to look after herself. Because she’s single, and probably has been for a while, she’s able to devote considerable time to her diet and fitness. Nor does she miss her regular visits to the salon and keeps herself glowing. Her gym sessions or zumba fitness routine is maintained judiciously.

I know of princesses who run Marathon in the senior category; their figures something to call up envy in any younger woman! Many older women dress well, too, and a well made-up face and well-manicured hands send the signal that she’s a stickler for cleanliness. Her tresses shine with vitality and she oozes charm and sex appeal. Her shimmering attire combined with a well groomed face and hair along with branded hand bags and shoes makes her stand apart among younger girls. I’ve seen men go putty for older women.   I guess he makes it quite evident… what a man LIKES!

She is More Poised

Men feel that an older woman is more poised and composed, and conducts herself with confidence in public. After all, the woman has seen it all; there is nothing to fear. Comparatively, a younger girl feels shy and sweats before a date. She tends to appear clumsy and immature, compared to an older woman who has already gone through all the emotions in life and knows how to come across as confident and mature. Dating, sex, love and losing are all feelings to which a mature woman is accustomed; she’s able to take control of her dating life with ease and confidence.

Why Are Younger Men Attracted To Older Women

She is More Mature and Experienced

As a woman I can vouch that as we age we mature… nicely – just like wine. A matured and experienced woman can bring balance to the life of a young man and she can easily help him enjoy his date without any guilt or pressure. She’ll never ask for marriage or commitment; for the most part she’s independent and can handle things with ease. But that doesn’t mean a man can take advantage of her. She can smell a Toad from a distance and put him in his place.

She is also much more sexually experienced, and comfortable with sex toys, and many other bedroom festivities.

The greater message in this post, my Princess readers… take some good advice from the mature woman.  Take on a few of those attributes, even if they call for a bit of stretching outside your comfort zone (perhaps as far as anal beads), and you just may like the results in and out of the bedroom.